Friends: Good Food for the Soul

Our family has been blessed to spend some great time with friends in the past week. Over the weekend through Wednesday, we had some really good friends, Jim and Heather (and their fun kids Faith and Joel) up from Woodland Park to hang out before we move to Utah. I (Benjer) have known them since college, and it's been a blessing to grow in life and families with them. The were married a few years before us and had kids a few years before we started, so they have taught us much, and we will miss them dearly. And tonight, we had a dinner at the Denver Seminary apartments with good friends and former neighbors/roommates. Most of us are "in transition" right now, and it was great to get together with them and remember how much they mean to us, and how our relationship was a huge part of seminary for Jennifer and me. We joked that four short years ago, there were two marriages among us, and at the dinner tonight, we had four married couples, four kids among us, two on the way, and one of us is working on his third degree.  Friends are certainly a blessing on the journey.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of Jim, Heather, Faith, and Joel's visit:

Bethany, Joel, and Faith at the Zoo:

A bit more of an interesting photo of the kids at the zoo:

Us finding shelter from the rain at the zoo:

Bethany loves fishies!  She says, "fffsshhh."


Mother's Day (One Week Late)

Last Sunday, we celebrated my (Benjer's) mom's mother day one week late by going to the aquarium with her grandkids.  It was a really fun time!

Here's Bethany looking at some fish with Daddy:

Charlie, Grace, and Caroline had a fun time:

The girls hanging out:

Here's our family at the end of the event:

It's so fun to see the wonder of the kids looking at some of the really cool fish (and even a tiger!).  Perhaps we have a thing or two to learn from their wonder...



Well, we're not quite in Utah yet, but we are experiencing what it means to get ready for such a move. We're sad to leave Colorado, so we thought we'd start a blog to keep our friends and family up to date! There are a lot of pieces that need to fall into place in order for us to transition out of state. We still need to sell our condo (which has been on the market since April 24th), so any prayers you would be willing to commit to that would be very much appreciated. However, everything else that we have been praying, concerned or unsure about has been falling into place in a miraculous way. Benjer's official last day at Holy Apostles will be 5/31 and his start date at Washington Heights is 6/1 (praise the Lord!), although he'll be back and forth to Utah during that time, going out for a staff retreat at the beginning of June, then going with Jennifer for good by June 10th.  This means that we will not be without insurance (especially for the pregnant Jennifer) for even one minute! Also, should we need it, there has been a generous offer to give us temporary housing just until we figure out our housing situation in Ogden. God is so good.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Keep visiting often! To give you an incentive, we'll post pictures of Bethany on a regular basis.

Don't think that we don't know everyone calls her the cute one of our family!