First Pumpkin Carving

Bethany experienced her first Pumpkin Carving today! Well, she didn't really carve today, but she got to do a lot! She even got to go with our local MOPS group to a farm and pick out her very own pumpkin from the patch.  At first she said she wanted the pumpkin to look like Balloons, but in the end decided a Kitty Cat face would be good, too.

First we scooped out the seeds

Then we drew on it what we wanted the kitty to look like

Bethany, proudly hold the "nose"

Samantha was a part of it too. She didn't think the top tasted very good, though :)

The finished product (you can see the face better when it is lit up of course)

Um, I'm not sure why, but Samantha is apparently very embarrassed of us here...

Fun day! We're going to the church's fall festival this afternoon to have a grand time with games and prizes! :) Happy fall everyone!

Samantha's Birthday, too

Hello family and friends. Our good friends, the Sullivans, hosted the birthday party for Samantha and they took some photos, which I got today. I thought you might want to see some more of the party :).

Our family all together

 Samantha is SO close to walking. She stands and stands and giggles and thinks about it, and then wobbles and decides to crawl instead. 

You all got to see how much she loved the cake in the last post, but not the succession of what happened after her awesome first cake!

All Done!

Taking off the clothes at the table...

Shaking off the extras on the chair...

And, impromptu bath in the laundry room sink!

It was great fun!
Love to all! :)


Samantha Joy McVeigh: One Year Old

Samantha was ONE yesterday!  Her party was Monday, and it was a lot of fun.  Here are a few glimpses of the festivities:

Really fun cupcakes made by Mama!

 Mmmm...what could be better than eating bugs?

 Bethany loves her friends Bethany and Leah

Opening presents...Bethany, of course, was happy to help.

 Time to sing a song!

Samantha wasn't really all that into blowing out the candle.

 But she WAS into eating the chocolate cake!

Quite into it, I'd say...

And of course, what would be a birthday without a birthday song:

Happy Birthday, Samantha! We love you!