Bethany's 3rd Birthday!

We can hardly believe Bethany turned 3 yesterday! One on hand it seems like just yesterday that we found out we were going to be parents, but on the other hand it seems like she's been with us forever. I cannot imagine my life without  my little Monkey Jones. Bethany LOVES Curious George. So, naturally she wanted a Curious George party. She got to choose 3 friends to come to her party (but one of them was a little picture-shy). Below is the Birthday Girl and two of her friends, Bethany and Leah Holladay.

 We started out with an arts & crafts project: making their own placemats with googlie-eyes. 

Bethany even got to hold a baby! Sweet baby Josiah is the little brother of Bethany H. and Leah.

 Mama and Jaxon's Mama, Denise. Jaxon is the picture-shy third friend she invited. 

The monkeys!

Monkey-ing around! 

And here is the cake Bethany requested: A cake that looks like Bananas but tastes like chocolate. 

I am having some severe technical difficulties getting our videos of the party to upload to here or youtube, so when my super-smart husband is able to, he will post them later :). 

Happy Birthday Bethany! 


Here are our belated Christmas time photos. Enjoy!

This was the first Christmas Bethany was old enough to help decorate a tree. She got to help Granny decorate her tree before we decorated ours at home.

We got to spend some time with Uncle Jeff and Joelle and family during our trip to Colorado. Sammy sure enjoyed snuggling and playing with them.

Bethany's older cousins, Joshua, Madeline and Emma love to play with her! Pictured here is the treasure trail Joshua made for Bethany in their house.

As previously mentioned in a sermon by Daddy, here is Samantha pushing Bethany in the stroller :).

At their check up at the doctor this past week, we found out that the girls are only about 2.5 pounds apart. But, Bethany still loves to hold her sister...

...and can still tackle her pretty well, too!
Making Santa Cookies with Daddy (a tradition in his family)

The girls got a train table from Mommy and Daddy as their big present this year, along with all of Daddy's hand me town brio trains and train tracks.
Here is Mommy painting it the night before:

And they got Granny's gift of an All Terrain Radio Flyer Wagon. We got to take it out Christmas morning in the neighborhood (as you can see we did not get a white Christmas. The snow came the next day).

With love to you all!
Benjer, Jennifer, Bethany & Samantha