Hallelujah! Our precious Samantha is home!

We are so wonderfully thankful for her recovery and the ability to have her home, where all four of us can spend time together after a full 4 weeks at the hospital. A good friend has asked us to fill in some details about how life will look for us in the recovery period now. So, I will describe what we know. I left Primary Children's hospital around noon today with Samantha and headed straight to our pediatrician's office to have Samantha weighed. (She will need to go in for periodic weight checks with her regular doctor and we needed to have a base-line weight using his scale). We will be taking her in for a check up on Friday morning, and then once a week for 8 weeks, depending on how she progresses and gains weight on this special fat-free formula. However, everyone is very pleased with her progress so far and think she will do quite fine! We also will take her back to Primary's to have a chest x ray mid-december and then again 8 weeks from today, to make sure no fluid is re-accumulating in her chest.

She is currently sleeping in her swing at home (the joys of something as simple as a swing! :), attached to nothing and no one! We will not require any home-health care, and for the most part she will be a normal baby from now on. We are encouraged to limit our outings and seriously limit how many people get to hold her, but I can take her out when I need to go somewhere, like the grocery store. (Bethany and Mama would go pretty crazy if we couldn't leave at all). However, this restriction is pretty standard for any 1-month old during flu season. I feel very blessed to write that this is our situation. Benjer has taken the afternoon off of work so he can be home with us, which is a huge blessing as well. So, we will just enjoy being a family all together again for the next several hours.

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever ~Ps 107:1


  1. I am very happy for you all! What a loving example of the goodness of the great God that we serve. During this Christmas season we can all remember what the Angel Gabriel said to Mary in the gospel of Luke, first chapter: "For nothing is impossible with God"

  2. YEH! Praise God! So happy for you and your little girl.