March Family Fun

Hi family! There isn't much to update about our family these dates, except that we have such wonderful girls we can hardly stand it. Bethany is almost completely potty trained and says so many words we can hardly keep up. She is currently in a phase of loving her baby dolls and wanting to do everything with her babies that Mommy does with Samantha. And Samantha is just growing so much! She is just now 5 months old and is already in her 6-9 months clothes. You might picture a really chubby baby with that information, but she is just pretty long. She is rolling from her tummy to back and back to tummy, so we are having to be extra careful these days with what is on the floor (or in Bethany's hands). We went to the park today, since it was such a lovely day here in Utah. Samantha is old enough to enjoy it, too, which is quite a lot of fun:

Sweet sisters
We finally got Bethany's porch swing up too!
Bethany loves to feed her baby when Mama is feeding Samantha...
And then we burp them together too!
Lots of love from Utah!
Benjer, Jennifer, Bethany and Samantha


  1. Oh my! So precious! I've been thinking it was time to see some more pictures, and they both are growing so quickly! Yay for Bethany! So glad it's getting warm there, and that all FOUR of you can enjoy it fully. Praise the Lord that Samantha is doing so well! Can't wait until June! She'll be as big as Joel at this rate ;) Just kidding. Love, Heather

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