Fun in Colorado

Hello all! We had quite a vacation this month, with Jennifer and the girls spending two and a half weeks enjoying friends and family. We didn't take quite as many pictures as I would have hoped (with absolutely none of Jennifer or Benjer, and none of our whole families), but we have lots of pictures of the kids. Isn't that what you want to see anyway? ;)

Granny (Benjer's mom) took the girls, Grace, Charlie and Caroline (all cousins) to the Botanic Gardens:
Samantha spent most of the time in her stroller and was not too thrilled about the hat mommy put on her :)

And we were able to get to know our newest cousin Cayden (Jennifer's brother-Jonathan's baby):

Samantha had a different time getting acquainted with Cayden...
Apparently, this is how Cayden says "I love you!"
Samantha loved it, too :). She was happy to get to play with another baby.

We spent so much time at the park, Bethany was in heaven. Here we're swinging with Grace:

Time with "unca Jon"

We were also blessed to spend some time with our good friends, the Frazier family, before they head off to Kenya for a minimum 2-year mission. (We have posted about them earlier this year, feel free to check out their blog at http://fourfaithfulfraziers.blogspot.com/). We were blessed to get to spend about 3 days with them, just relaxing and letting the kids play. We had nothing planned it was everything we could have wanted.
The lovely faith and handsome Joel playing in some fountains:
Bethany having a blast! And the three kiddos together :)

Jim and Heather enjoying some relaxing time with Faith:

That's it for now! We love you all :).

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