First SNOW! Well, kind of.

One of the interesting things about living around the great Salt Lake is that the altitude where people live differs drastically, even in the same zip code. One of our very good friends here is Aunt Diana (affectionately known to Bethany as "Aunt Danana" and Samantha as "Dananana"). She lives up by "the bench" which is higher enough elevation from where we live that she got enough snow in her backyard to be able to build a snowman, when we did not even have a frost on our front lawn! Yep, same zip code. So, we packed up the girls in their snowsuits and took them out back to make Bethany's first snowman. It was kind of funny, because apparently the boots I have for her are way too big, so she fell in the snow a few times (joyfully), and Samantha just hung out and wondered why she was wearing a giant snowsuit (not pictured below). Also, we did not have carrots or other things for the face, so we used MnM's for the face. (Apparently the color runs in the snow. Who knew? :) It was a great time.

Below is Diana with the girls.

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