Spring 2011

Hello friends and family. I am terribly sorry to have neglected you this past Spring. It has been one of the craziest times of life for us here, and I had not even thought about blogging in months. Benjer's job has been keeping him very busy, and Jennifer's job of taking care of the girls and Benjer, as well as her volunteering and teaching has also been keeping her busy. It has been a very dreary spring here, with this past week being the first to have more than one sunny day in a row. So, here is a photo gallery of what we have been enjoying these past few months, despite the lack of sunny or warm weather:

Ice cream!!!
 All bundled up... almost all Spring long.  

Bethany right before her first dance class. She has been taking a half tumbling, half ballet class since January (thank you Nana!)

Who can forget about the Treehouse Museum, where we spend many dreary, rainy mornings?


Having fun inside: Drawing and other art projects,
 dressing up in Mama's shoes,
 and wrestling.
Wagon rides rule. In our neighborhood, with sidewalks that leave a lot to be desired, it is very good that Granny got the girls an All Terrain Wagon! :)

The Zoo (Thank you Adam, Molly, Caroline and Charlie!)

 The girls on Easter all dressed up :)

And, thanks to Aunt Nan and Granny, we just got a new sandbox for the backyard. We have really enjoyed it and when it gets really warm we'll get our water table out and have some fun summer days. Mama is looking forward sitting in the backyard while the girls play, too!

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