More Photos and Samantha's Homecoming!

I can't believe Samantha's only a few days old! It feels like she's always been with us, and we can't imagine life without her. Here are a few photos, including some pictures of Bethany meeting her.

Chad with the new girl. I think he has the baby bug.

Tami (Chad's wife) with Samantha. She has the baby bug, too. Cute newborns will do that! We are so blessed to have these guys as friends here.

Mommy enjoying some time with Samantha in the hospital.

Daddy loves sleeping with our new girl!

Allyse loves Samantha, too. She pretty much loves all babies.

Nana (Jennifer's mom) meets Samantha! She was very patient at the airport waiting for her son-in-law change the minivan's tire, delaying her first meeting with her newest granddaughter.

Mommy and Samantha are ready to head home from the hospital!

Kiss! Bethany is a bit concerned about our new addition, but adores her and LOVES to kiss and hug her...and shove pacifiers in her mouth, whether Samantha wants them or not. :-)

Happy family!

Bethany loves to hold Samantha. She is the BEST big sister.

Yep. Proud Nana!

Bethany insisted on eating snack today next to Samantha, who was hanging out on the floor.

Big sister makes sure everything is okay with the squeaking baby in the crib.

Leah meets Samantha!

Bethany (Holladay) meets Samantha. Bethany had such a great time with Leah and Bethany Faith tonight. I think she needed some friends to play with after a very confusing two days with her new sister.

Bethany is enjoying Mommy always being available for lounging on the couch as she recovers!

Nana and Samantha

I don't think there has ever been a cuter post-bath time look.

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  1. Tami definitely has the baby bug...

    Leah and Bethany (my B) had a wonderful time with Bethany Grace and meeting Samantha!!! I'm so grateful we could be a part of your lives and vice versa...