Recent Fun Times

Here are a few photos from some nice down time our family has been able to enjoy in the midst of home improvement projects and preparing for Bethany's baby sister:

Bethany playing Logan's drums

The McVeighs at Snowbasin

One quick note: It's taking me a little getting used to shorter mountains here. I really confused a worker at the resort when I was asking about how much snow they would have for a youth event we would have at the top of the mountain there on September 19th. Then I found something out: the top of Snowbasin (where the Olympic downhill events were held in 2002, no slouch of a ski area) is about 9,200 feet in altitude. Dillon (where I lived in middle school and high school and about the) had an elevation of 9,087 feet, and is was a few thousand feet up from there to the top of ski areas. I didn't know it was possible to have good snow for skiing below 9,000 feet!

Bethany playing with rocks at Snowbasin

Bethany loves the creek at our favorite park!

And here's Bethany feeding ducks and geese! She loves to go see the ducks at the park.

Mommy and Bethany walking in our favorite park

Yes, she really did climb up that all by herself; she only got boost on the first step.

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