Missionary Friends

We are blessed to have some wonderful friends who have been called to serve God in other cultures as missionaries. We pray for them regularly and are always encouraged by their willingness to go where God has called them, and we though we'd take a minute to introduce you to these friends of ours:

Jim, Heather, Faith, and Joel Frazier
I (Benjer) met Jim and Heather when I was in college. Jim and I were roommates for two years while I was young in the faith, and it has been fun for our growing families to continue our friendship even as the years have passed. They are a couple of years ahead of us in the adventure we call Marriage and Parenting, and we always have a great time when we get together. Heather was kind enough to come visit us for a few days while Samantha was in the hospital.

Jim and Heather have been called to serve in Kenya at a school for children of missionaries through African Inland Mission. They have been preparing for their move this past year by taking online Bible classes, meeting with other missionaries, preparing for their move, and raising prayer and financial support. They will depart for Kenya this July. Jim and Heather will provide valuable support and care for children of missionaries. Jim will teach high school biology, and both Jim and Heather will serve at the school in various capacities. You can read more about them at fourfaithfulfraziers.blogspot.com.

Clint and Missy Kirby
Jennifer and I met Clint and Missy in seminary. Clint and Missy moved to Gdansk, Poland this past September with a team of people through Avant Ministries. Their goal: to plant a fully functioning church there within five years. While many in Poland would check "Catholic" on a census form, few know much about who Jesus is or ever even attend a church. Clint and Missy and their co-workers in Christ hope to share about the Good News of Jesus with a culture that has long forgotten about who Jesus is and their rich Christian history. They arrived with no infrastructure in place and no permanent housing. However, they have confidence that they are part of something much bigger than they are and look forward to seeing what God does in Gdansk. You can find out more about them at http://www.lincolnberean.org/ministries/global-outreach/poland.

As you find out more about our friends by clicking on the links, please seriously consider whether God might be leading you to support them by committing to pray for them regularly, financially supporting them, or both. They both send out regular updates via email, so make sure you sign up for those as well. And if you have any specific questions about their ministries, just let us know, or contact contact them directly!

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