Visit to Colorado

Well, we just got back late Sunday night from a trip to Colorado. Jennifer drove out with her mom on December 28th, and I flew out on December 31st after work to join her. It was an action-packed couple of weeks, but it was wonderful to spend time with our families and see some friends we hadn't seen for a while. We still miss everyone, but it's a good reminder that we are fortunate to be only a half-day's drive away. We're still organizing our photos from the trip (my sister Nan has loaned me her digital Canon Rebel, and I go a bit overboard with all the photos I take). However, here are some highlights:

Granny got out Daddy's rocking horse he had when he was a kid and loved it!

Cousin Emma had fun feeding Samantha!

We visited many old friends, including James, Rebecca, and Anna, friends from our old church and nursery playmates. We really wanted a photo with Bethany in there, too, but it just wasn't gonna happen...

...because Bethany was being goofy!

Some good old fashioned Colorado snow. Yummy!

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