Summer Fun & 4th of July!

It's been a fun week for us!  Last week, Bethany got to go to her first ever baseball game in a stadium!  We went to the Ogden Raptors single-A game last Sunday afternoon.  Mykel, our friend who works at the church and also works at the stadium during the summer in the souvenir stand, got Bethany a Raptors baseball:

During the week, we cooled off in some hot weather by playing in the sprinkler:

And today, we celebrated Independence Day (since the 4th is on a Sunday) with a parade and a carnival!  Here's Bethany with one of her favorite people, Ms. Nicole, who heads up the nursery ministry at our church:

We got LOTS of candy during the parade.  Lots.

At the carnival we got to do lots of fun stuff, like ride a train:

And of course, we couldn't go to a carnival at the park without stopping at the swings on our way out:

We can't wait until next year when it's a little more fun for Samantha.  The sirens woke her up at the parade, and there wasn't really much for her to do at the carnival.  I wonder how they'll sleep with fireworks going on tonight...