More Summer Fun

This one will be all pictures! :) 

Cassy and Abbie DePlato on their visit out here holding our girls. Bethany and Samantha had a lot of fun with them!

At Pioneer Days (Utah holiday) parade with (from left to right): Jennifer, Bethany, Aunt Joelle, Madeline, Joshua, Uncle Jeff, Samantha and Emma.

Aunt Molly having a blast with Samantha

Benjer and Samantha enjoying the park

Cousins Caroline and Charlie with Bethany. She just adores them.

For Benjer's birthday we went bowling (the first time for Bethany). It was a ton of fun. Bethany actually beat her Mama, with bumpers and a ramp of course :).

then we went to Red Robin for dinner. Want to know how to make Samantha smile and laugh like this? 

You have to get really close to her face and laugh, like this: 

Bethany helped Daddy blow out his candles. Samantha was intrigued. Happy 30th Daddy!

Nana and Poppy took us on the train at Belleview Park in CO. Then to the petting zoo. SO much fun!

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