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Many of you have been wondering about how Bethany (above outside the hospital near the water feature we frequent), Samantha's older sister, is doing in all of this. She is doing remarkably well. She picks up on everything very quickly, and now knows that when she's with Mama, Daddy's probably with "Baby." For the week or so that Samantha was home, she loved, hugged, kissed, and forced pacifiers upon her so much that we were worried how Bethany would do with Samantha not in the house. Well, Bethany asks about her all the time, and we make sure to draw Samantha pictures and bring her leaves from Bethany's favorite park. She's an amazing toddler, and he laid-back personality is making this a whole lot easier on us. (She even recovered from seeing a deer that was hit by a car, but that's another post.)

Yesterday, Bethany and I went to the aforementioned favorite park, Beus Park (our family calls it the "duck park"), one of Bethany's favorite places on Earth. I'm sure she enjoyed the outing, but it was also really good for her Daddy to spend some fun time with here:

Many, many different kinds of birds are apparently flying through northern Utah as they migrate. I couldn't really tell Bethany too much about it, but I told her that her Uncle Jim would have been able to explain all the different kids of birds and what they're up to. We did learn, however, about how the leaves are falling. (Bethany points at an empty tree above, "up!" then at a leaf on the ground, "down!")

We sure love swinging! We would go swinging in just about any type of weather. In fact, I'm sure we will bundle up and head to the park this winter no matter how cold it gets, as long as it's not wet.

A beautiful scene from the pond. We have a routine. First, check out the birds. Then, head to the park to swing and slide. Next, come back to the pond and pass a stream that we have to put our hands in to see just how cold it is. Finally, we finish off our walk at this site collecting rocks and throwing them into the pond. Today, with so many birds, the rock-throwing attracted many visitors who swam over to disappointingly discover that we were dropping rocks, not bread.

So, continue to pray for Samantha's sister, Bethany, who is certainly concerned, but provides a lot of laughter and comfort for her parents.


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