Samantha Joy Update 11/30/09

Well, we continue to move towards going home. Unfortunately, she threw up again today, and they would like her to go another 24 hours without throwing up. That means that if all goes well (including a chest X-ray in the morning), she will get to go home tomorrow afternoon. I am hopeful for tomorrow, but in light of the past few weeks, I would not be surprised if the surgeon decides that perhaps we should simply wait until Wednesday morning, just to be sure that everything is okay.

She's doing a pretty good job at eating, and she's now allowed to eat as much as she wants. She's really chowin' down on the formula, even though we're told it's pretty nasty stuff. Her Mom and Dad are ready to be home with her, and it's tough to keep waiting. But we don't have much of a choice, except to choose to wait on the Lord, which we are doing our best to do.

Bethany continues to be a trooper. I think she's a bit worn out, too, especially after a fun weekend with her cousins! Here's how her car ride to the hospital this afternoon went:

We will update the blog tomorrow when we have some news. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement; we're almost there!


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