Samantha Joy Update: 11/9/09

We have some good news and somewhat bad news about Samantha this morning. The somewhat bad news is that her medication (which she is currently getting through a peripheral IV) is incompatible with the TPN (the nutrition she gets through the PICC line) they are giving her. Normally what they would try to do put in a double lumen (a double PICC line) so that she could get both through the PICC line, but her veins are too tiny to put one in. So, she has to keep the peripheral IV in, and they won't send her home with a peripheral IV. So, no matter what, Samantha will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 2 weeks (so perhaps coming home around 11/21).

The good news is that the fluid has finally started to slow down a lot! Yay! If it continues to slow and eventually cease, then we can take the chest tubes out and have a much more comfortable baby girl. Also, the charge nurse yesterday made an exception to let Bethany come and visit her sister. It was really good for her to see where she was and give her lots of kisses (no hugs yet, though :). That was a blessing for Mama and Daddy, too.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!


  1. I know that this is hard for the whole family but especially for a new Mom who would normally be establishing her breastfeeding. My heart goes out to Jennifer. I know she is strong and has lots of support. I am glad to hear that Samantha's lungs are getting better.
    Prayer from both California and Tucson are being sent...
    Cheryl Coulter

  2. You just make sure they get you those TPS reports.