Samantha Joy: Photos

Well, Jennifer said I would make people cry, which is not my intent, but I thought people would like some photos of Samantha Joy, some from before Wednesday:

Bethany is a huge huge help when it comes to brushing Samantha's hair!

Well, this picture wasn't as huge of a success as we probably wanted it to be, but here are Samantha and Bethany in their sister shirts!

Thanks for continuing to pray!

Nana with Samantha. It's so nice that she's able to be held a lot!

Bethany picked out a doll for Samantha to have with her in the hospital.

Daddy with Samantha. She sure is a good patient!


  1. I think the thing that everyone sees in Samantha that is just like her mother can be called tenacity. I see it.

  2. I'm going to make baby Samanatha ababy headband once I figure out how to. :) I love the sister shirts, so cute! We're praying for you guys

  3. Dear Benjer and Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful Baby Samantha and Bethany. Samanatha is in our prayers. Much love,
    Cheryl Coulter