Model Train Show with the Holladays

Chad and his girls Bethany (Faith) and Leah came down to Salt Lake yesterday to go to a model train show with Bethany (Grace) and me. (You think trying to read a blog post about two Bethanys is confusing? You should try to chase two Bethanys around a convention hall!)

Bethany and Bethany in the train! Definitely the highlight of the day.

The three girls Leah, Bethany, and Bethany in the train.

They had a really cool Lego exhibit. These photos are included for Neil's benefit. :-)

I so would love to have a Lego train.

Bethany Grace, the youngest of the group, somehow managed to lead Bethany Faith and Leah around!

Leaving after a fun afternoon!

So, I'm now motivated to get out my LGB (G Scale) train and set it up for Bethany and Samantha. You know, since we don't have much else going on in our lives right now... :-)


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