Samantha Joy Update 11/23/09

We finally have a plan :).
The x rays look good and so we are moving forward with getting our Miss Samantha out of the hospital and to being a typical baby. Today and tomorrow they will decrease her medicine until she is completely off of it. Then on Thursday they will start her on fat free formula and observe for for 48 hours on that. She will continue to have x rays each morning to make sure the fluid is not building up without the medicine and with beginning to have formula. If everything stays on track, then we will be able to take Samantha home on Friday morning :). Praise the Lord. We are so, so excited for this!

I do not imagine we will have much more to post in the next few days, except maybe about how she enjoyed eating after 3 weeks without having any food! We will let you know as soon as we get to take her home, though :).

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  1. The Williams Family (Chrissy, Nate and Gwyneth) is so happy to hear that Samantha is doing so much better. We've been investigating her issue in conversation with her uncle Jonathan. What a relief to hear her chest tubes are out! Please keep in touch, you are in our thoughts often.