Samantha Joy Update 11/16/09

Jennifer had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet with Samantha's attending doctor, pulmonologist (lung doctor), and surgeon all at once! This hasn't happened before and sometimes when I talk to one they will say they have to check with another doctor to be sure of something, so it was nice. Well, Samantha's left lung is back up to outputting a decent amount of fluid and the team agrees that she is just not responding they way they would like to see. They are continuing to increase her medication in hopes that things will dramatically change soon, but the surgeon said that generally if people are going to respond to this type of treatment, it will be in the first two weeks. The surgeon said that if it doesn't improve a lot by Friday they will then be looking at surgery, probably for the weekend or early next week. We won't have answers to specific questions about surgery (like when, how, recovery period, etc) until they are sure that is what they want to do. So, we are asking for your continued prayers this week that things would change and her body would start to heal itself in the next few days.

Meanwhile we have decided to send Bethany home to Colorado today to spend a week with her grandparents and extended family. She flies out this afternoon with Jennifer's sister-in-law and will fly back with Jennifer's dad this coming Sunday. We feel this will not only allow us to spend the time with Samantha that we really need to, but will be less stressful for Bethany -- she's going to have a blast! :)

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  1. Awwww i hope bethany has a blast!!! :) Continued prayers for samantha ♥