Samantha update 11/10/09

Well, Miss Samantha did not have a great day today. She is fine now. The fluid coming out of the chest tubes really started to taper off last night and this morning it seemed hopeful that at least one of the tubes might be ready to be shut off. So, they tried it and discovered that both lungs were filling up with fluid when turned off. Then they discovered that at least one tube was clogged and they were unable to get it unclogged. Meanwhile little Samantha's breathing became quite labored again and she was put back on oxygen (her least favorite thing in the world, I think). Our doctor talked to the surgeon and they decided to sedate her and change out her chest tubes. When they were changing them they did find quite a bit of fluid in one lung and some in the other that they were able to drain and now we're starting again. So, as I said, Samantha had a rough day! But, she is now sleeping very peacefully and no longer needs oxygen.

I wish you all could see how beautiful she is. She is just perfect. Every nurse, tech & doctor that comes in talks about how cute she is and what a good baby she is. We're proud parents :).

(I should also let you all know that now that we are doing this treatment and mostly playing a waiting game with it all, we may not have much to post in the upcoming days. We promise "no news" means that everything is still okay and we are just waiting to see if it heals on its own.)

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