Samantha update 11/18/09, continued

They decided not to put another chest tube in her right lung, and see if the fluid accumulates, which they are hopeful it won't. However, since there is a decent chance that the fluid will come back, which would mean she might need a new tube in her lung overnight, they are going to keep her in the PICU as a precautionary measure. We will reassess in the morning after seeing her x ray and talking to the doctors & surgeons again.


  1. A good snowball:
    3 parts a time I overcame illness
    2 parts a difficult journey where I succeeded
    4 parts climbing a mountain

    pack with the light in my soul till it crunches.

    Lob it over the Rockies and hit Samantha.
    It's okay to kiss the ball before throwing.

  2. Jon, l love you so much. I am totally putting this poem in her book of remembering all this :). Love and miss you tons.