Thanksgiving Breakfast: Mmm...

After her three-week fast (she's very spiritual, you know), Samantha got to eat this morning! She got 15mL (about one tablespoon) of formula consisting of medium fatty acids. Sounds yummy to me! She took about 12mL of it, and she's still trying to remember how to swallow. Apparently she's been watching her sister drink, because half of it ended up on her shirt. But, she did get some down, and she seemed really content afterwards and didn't even want to suck on her hand or a pacifier. I can't imaging what it was like to be hungry all that time! She is now having her breathing checked every hour in addition to her monitors, because if she is going to start reaccumulating fluid in her lungs, it will happen fairly quickly. So, pray that there are no leaks! The best-case scenario is that they will let her go home in 48 hours (Saturday) with her PICC line, but there are a lot of factors involved, such as protein levels, blood sugar, chest X-rays, the list goes on. We'll keep you updated; enjoy your Thanksgiving!



  1. We've been following your blog since Heather posted about your little Samantha Joy. I'm so glad there is good news this week; we will keep praying. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Janet (Jim's aunt)

  2. she was hungry all the time?? could she not eat!? :(

  3. I hope all goes well for Samantha's recovery! That is sad she and you guys as her family is having to go through all of this but it will only make you all stronger. Hopefully you are home soon to enjoy the rest of the Holiday season together Ü

    Best Wishes!
    Shannon Williams