Samantha update 11/21/09

We are quite pleased to announce that Samantha is tube-less! :) Yay! Today, they took the left tube out of Samantha's chest and are now monitoring her for the next day or so to see how her lungs do. If it stays as good as it has been, then they will take her off of her medication. Then they will observe her for a few more days without her medication and if all goes well with that, then she can go home! She will still have medical care, via home health care, and we have a few months ahead with some very special formulas and periodic x rays to make sure that her condition does not come back. However, we have so much to be thankful for right now. It is pretty miraculous how this whole situation just turned around unexpectedly when it looked like it was at it worst!

Did you know that one reason why we chose the name Samantha is that it is the female version of the name Samuel, which means "God hears"? (Samuel literally sounds like "heard of God" in Hebrew). Thank you all again for your continued love and prayers for our strong little girl. God has heard them.


  1. Atta Girl, what a fighter!! I am so proud, and so happy, I sat here for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what to say. I have tears of joy for Samantha Joy, and couldn't be a prouder Uncle than I am right now reading your post.

    Jennifer and Benjer, you have honored God in your strength(faith), patience (hope) and love for this little girl among all the other miracles you affect. I couldn't be a prouder brother/b-in-law.

    Now get some rest for the long, steady recovery!

    Heather, Cayden and I love you four so, so much. See you soon and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I agree with the prophetic declaration of Samantha's name - may the testimony of her life declare that GOD DOES HEAR OUR PRAYERS! :)

    Glad that your little one is doing better and that you have such wonderful family and friends that are standing beside you.