Samantha Joy Update 11/19/09

I would just like to start this update by saying Samantha is quite loved and admired here in the hospital. Everyone who comes in, whether nurse, tech, doctor, surgeon, chaplain or other, says she is quite cute and wonderful. She is a very well behaved baby, too :)

After an ultrasound showed that only a little fluid had built back up in her right lung, they decided to keep the chest tube out of her right lung. Which I think is a praise, but I am just a little hesitant yet because her respiratory rate has increased throughout the day. Also we're not sure how her left lung's chest tube is doing; we're waiting for another x ray in the morning. Since her respiratory rate is high they are keeping her in the PICU another night. The surgeons are keeping a close eye on her, but we just don't have any more answers yet. Sigh.

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